Tag Clinic v4.3




This file contains registration, installation, and version/revision information.


What is this program?

        It’s a full-featured tag editor and file renaming utility for AAC, APE, FLAC,

       M4A, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, VQF,  or WMA digital audio files.


Copyright ---   ©2000-2022 Keve Zoller

Email --------     clinic@kevesoft.com

URL ---------     http://www.kevesoft.com

OS support -- Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8







Full-featured, real-time batch tagger and power file renamer. 

Creates tag data from file names, from file paths,  or creates

file names from existing tag data.  Featuring the most

comprehensive support of tag types, tag frames, and tag fields

available in a single tag editor.





Supports Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8.  Minimum screen

resolution:  800 x 600.  Some tag list-to-file features require an OLE



This is Freeware and is freely distributable in its unmodified form.





Unzip the install package to a folder of your choice, then run

“TagClinic43.exe.”  Follow the instructions provided by the Install

Wizard.  You will be given an opportunity to specify the folder in

which to install the program.





None required; Tag Clinic is freeware.




Keve Zoller






Revision History:


v1.30  10-20-00

   first public release


v1.31  11-1-00

   1) Adds "enable ***SKIP***" option added to Rename Auto-Edit options

   2) Adds selection of current separator multi-file popup menu

   3) Adds current separator to Status Bar

   4) Adds ability to create M3U (WinAMP) playlists

   5) Adds compatibility with Windows "Large" or "Small" setting

   6) Improved handling of ID3v2 tags when determining MP3 specs


v1.32b2  11-25-00

   1) Adds ability to update v1 tags with v2 data, and vice versa

   2) Adds ability to strip v1 or v2 tags

   3) Adds ability to sync v2 updates with v1 updates


   4) Adds ability to sync v1 updates with v2 updates

   5) Adds support of v2 tag fields supported by WinAMP


v1.32b3  12-19-00

   1) Adds v2 capability to Single-Tag Viewer

   2) Adds v2 capability to Rename page

   3) Adds v2 capability to Columns page


   1) Completed popup support for v2 fields

   2) Adds "Composer" and "Orig Artist" to Customize rename options

   3) Adds bitrate column to file browser window


v1.32  12-27-00

   1) v1.32 release


   1) Adds support for multi-line comments in v2 tags


   1) Relaxs read-fail criteria for v2 tags

   2) Updates "Allow partial data" behavior


   1) Adds error reporting to v2 tag strip routine


   1) Adds progress indication to multi-tag save via single-tag viewer


   1) Adds "Use two digit track" option to Rename Auto Edit options

   2) Adds confirmation to selected install directory

   3) Changes "Save To's" to use tag list showing, not just ID3v1

   4) Addss "(Track)" to custom formats


   1) Adds "Paste" option to multi-tag popup menu

   2) Adds "'X -> 'x" option to Rename Auto-Edit options

   3) Adds "Mcx -> McX" option to Rename Auto-Edit options

   4) Removes line-length limitation from ID3v2 comment


v1.33  3-1-01

   1) v1.33 release


   1) Relaxs ID3v2 read fail to allow partial read if for invalid frame size


   1) Adds "Paste" command to Browser context menu popup

   2) Changes File Window to keep focus on file after it's renamed

   3) Adds refinements to Browser Cut/Copy/Paste/Rename facilities


   1) Adds toggle buttons to Options Panel

   2) Adds refinements to Browser functionality


   1) Adds more refinements to Browser functionality

   2) Changes column sort-on-track in Editors from alphabetical to numeric


   1) Optimizes processes for file delete/move/rename

   2) Extends caption behavior for Editor source button


   1) Upgradsd Find/Find-Next search facilities

   2) Changes V2a file name column from fixed to editable


   1) Adds addtional ID3v2 invalid tag detection based upon text field size


   1) Adds support for mapped network drives


v1.34  5-2-01

   1) v1.34 release


v1.40  5-15-01

   1) v1.40 release (Improves Browser column width auto-adjust)


   1) Replaces single-panel Options Panel with multi-page Options Panel


v1.41  6-1-01

   1) v1.41 released (adds single-column Vx->Vx on multi-tag popup)


v1.42  6-5-01

   1) v1.42 released (adds "Rename" option to multi-tag popup)


v1.43  6-15-01

   1) v1.43 released (upgrades rename engine to include bracketing features)


   1) Makes "Trim Overlength" option applicable to V2->V1 column copies

   2) Adds curly braces  to rename bracket styles


   1) Enables column "V1->V2" for Genres


v1.44  7-15-01

   1) v1.44 released (adds Genres List Editor)


   1) Improves genre recognition in ID3v2 engine

   2) Changes ID3v2 output format from "genre" to "(X)genre", where X = genre index


   1) Addes selection of multiple tags/files by cursor drag in first column

   2) Adds Lyrics field and editor to ID3v2-B Editor


   1) Adds supporting data fields to comment and lyrics editors

   2) Adds cut/copy/paste/delete of genres via single-cell popup

   3) Adds colorization preferences for Editors


   1) Improves cut/copy/paste/delete of genres, comments, lyrics.


v1.50  8-5-01

   1) v1.50 released (adds support for multiple comments & urls, more ID3v2 fields)


   1) Adds drag-and-drop of OLE/Excel data, and Excel/CSV files


   1) Adds ID3v2 multi-comment & URL cell content indicator

   2) Adds Intellipan via mouse wheel


   1) Fixed synch problem when v1 and v2 editors sorted differently


v2.0  10-01-01

   1) v2.0 released (adds directory restructuring to Rename Engine, more)


   1) Enables print of all available ID3v2 fields from ID3v2-A tab

   2) Adds merge print of ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags from ID3v2-A tab


   1) Extends Print Settings "Fields" tab to apply to tag list save-to-file

   2) Adds Print Preview & Print buttons to Print Settings dialog

   3) Adds "Merge ID3v1 and ID3v2" option to Print Settings "Fields" tab

   4) Adds "File Name" and "Picture" columns to Print Settings "Fields" tab


   1) Adds "Preview auto-update" option to Print Settings dialog "Fields" tab

   2) Adds "Update" button to Print Settings dialog


   1) Added "Bit Rate" and "Play Time" as optional print fields

   2) Added "Include path in file name" to "Field" Print Setting options


   4) Improves shortcut sequence behavior in comment editor


   1) Adds retention of Comment Editor size between executions

   2) Adds "play time" indicator to status bar


v2.1  10-25-01

   1) v2.1 released (adds new name-to-tag extraction options and editing tools)


   1) Adds support for Windows XP

   2) Adds support for Windows XP Media Player


v2.2  11-15-01

   1) v2.2 released (adds new reg system & optimizations for large ID3v2 comments)


   1) Adds options to extract file name text from between parenthesis and brackets


   1) Combines Win9X/ME and WinNT/2000/XP versions into single install package

   2) Adds 'Add "The "' to Tools submenu on Multi-Tag Popup


   1) Adds tag compression options to Preferences and Main Menu


   1) Adds "Involved People" column and List Editor


   1) Adds row select auto-scroll

   2) Adds mirror of popup separator options to menu bar, with <Ctrl-FX> select


v2.3  1-20-02

   1) v2.3 released (adds support for 16 additional ID3v2 tag fields)


   1) Adds extraction from file or folder name to tag

   2) Adds ability to save ID3v2-B fields to multiple files with Single-Tag Editor


   1) Adds support for ID3v2.4 tags

   2) Adds ID3v2 "new tag" version preference option

   2) Adds "Padding" preference option

   3) Adds "Unsynchronization" preference option


v2.4  2-10-02

   1) v2.4 released (adds tag conversions, new ID3v2 fields, version column)


   1) Enables cut/copy/paste/del/rename of files/folders with standard shortcuts

   2) Combines File and Folder Rename into one menu function/F2 shortcut

   3) Adds drag & drop of files into File Window


   1) Adds "Quickload," allowing store and reload of folder view from data file


   1) Adds "Paste Extra" to multi-tag popup

   2) Mades "Caps" setting on Rename page a memorized setting


   1) Adds quick-jump to previous folders in center panel path display

   2) Adds Genre field to conversions between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4

   3) Improves efficiency of paste of multiple files into current folder

   4) Adds Cut/Copy/Paste of folders to Browser popup menu

   5) Adds Map/Disconnect of network drives to Browser popup menu

   6) Adds Path Browser for "Send To" File Window popup menu

   7) Extended file attribute popup dialog for use on multiple selected files


   1) Tighens Genre conformance with spec for ID3v2.4 tags

           3-26-02 (Build 10)

   1) Changes Single-Tag Editor genre to a manually editable field

   2) Enables cut/copy/paste of genres when Genre Source set to Manual

           3-28-02 (Build 11)

   1) Corrects some sort-dependencies between Editors in Quickload system

           4-3-02 (Build 12)

   1) Adds drag & drop of files from File Window into Folder Window

   2) Adds drag & drop of files from other app into File or Folder Window

   3) Adds drag & drop of files from File Window into other applications

   4) Adds drag & drop of Editor rows to another location in Editor

           4-10-02 (Build 15)

   1) Adds sort of albums on track number to main menu Edit column


v2.5  4-20-02

   1) v2.5 released (adds resizable windows, sort facilities, blank tag fill)

           5-22-02 (Build 3)

   1) Adds optional removal of ID3v2 tags that indicate tag is longer than file

   2) Improvements to blank/malformed ID3v2 tag field detection/handling

           6-16-02 (Build 5)

   1) Adds ID3v1 Genre List Editor

           6-30-02 (Build 6)

   1) Adds "Play in WinAMP" and "Enqueue in WinAMP" to File Window popup

           7-27-02 (Build 7)

   1) Added MusicMatch(tm) mode to Comment Editor

           10-5-02 (Build 9)

   1) Improved integration of MusicMatch support

   2) Improves tolerance of extreme font settings in Windows

           10-27-02 (Build 10)

   1) Adds Quickload improvements

   2) Improves Tag edits via CSV, XLS drag-and-drop

           11-19-02 (Build 11)

   1) Adds file copy, move, delete to Multi-Tag Popup Menu

   2) Adds file move undo

   3) Adds XLS/CSV file drop-mode selection to Preferences

   4) Adds CSV delimiter option to Preferences

   5) Adds improvements to drag-and-drop tag editing

   6) Adds MusicMatch "Peference" field to Comment Editor

   7) Adds recognition/preservation of MediaJukebox Info & Note fields

           11-28-02 (Build 12)

   1) Adds MusicMatch to MediaJukebox special-fields conversion option

   2) Adds MediaJukebox special-fields to MusicMatch conversion option

   3) Adds MusicMatch frame removal option

   4) Adds MediaJukebox frame removal option

   5) Adds recognition/preservation of 34 seldom-used ID3v2 tag frames

   6) Adds playlist creation from file window popup


   1) Adds "Pictures" to list of ID3v2 fields saveable via Single-Tag Editor

   2) Adds Cut, Copy, Paste, & Delete of images in tags via popup menus


v2.6  1-12-03

   1) v2.6 released (adds support for 15 additional ID3v2 tag frames)

           1-16-03 (Build 2)

   1) Adds auto-fill of empty cells from ID3v1-to-ID3v2 and ID3v2-to-ID3v1

   2) Adds Play and Enqueue of files to Editor popup menus

           2-8-03 (Build 3)

   1) Adds optional display of file attributes and date/time modified


v2.7  3-15-03

   1) v2.7 released (adds support for 6 additional ID3v2 tag frames)


v2.8  4-01-03

   1) v2.8 released (adds Encapsulated Objects Editor)

           4-23-03 (Build 3)

   1) Adds auto-update when file changes detected from other programs

   2) Adds "Previous Folder" speed button to top panel

           5-2-03 (Build 4)

   1) Adds Picture Frames Editor

           5-12-03 (Build 5)

   1) Adds backup and restore of user file-rename formats

   2) Adds right mouse click selection of cell contents to main Editors


v2.9  6-01-03

   1) v2.9 released (adds Column Visibility option and Thumbnail Browser)

           9-15-03 (v2.9.2.0)

   1) Upgrades rename engine and duplicate find

           10-15-03 (v2.9.3.0)

   1) Upgrades file save and browse dialogs

   2) Adds playtime calculator to name column popup menu

           12-18-03 (v2.9.5.0)

   1) Adds "Auto Extract" to Multi-Tag Popup Menu

           12-22-03 (v2.9.6.0)

   1) Adds Anti-Capitalization Editor

   2) Adds "Anti-Cap" to popup menu "tools" section

           12-30-03 (v2.9.6.4)

   1) Adds image reordering to Picture Frame Editor

           1-14-04 (v2.9.6.8)

   1) Adds Exact-Capitalization List to Capitalization Editor

           2-11-04 (v2.9.7.0)

   1) Adds Illegal Characters Replacement Editor

   2) Adds "Auto-Edit Path" to Options Panel


           2-28-04 (v2.9.8.0)

   1) Upgrades row selection process


v3.0  3-26-04

   1) v3.0 released (adds column reordering, folder recursion, find & replace, more)

           5-06-04 (v3.0.1.0)

   1) Adds ID3v2.2 to ID3v2.3 converter


v3.1  6-1-04

   1) v3.1 released (adds WMA, OGG, and unicode support)

           07-08-04 (v3.1.1.0)

   1) Adds folder node columns to Editors

           07-18-04 (v3.1.2.0)

   1) Adds VQF tag support


v4.0  10-17-04

   1) v4.0 released (adds APE support, Separator Toolbar, WinXP visuals)

           11-20-04 (v4.0.1.0)

   1) Adds iTunes comment frame awareness and special handling

           11-29-04 (v4.0.2.0)

1) Adds Standard Capitalization Options to Capitalization Editor

           12-31-04 (v4.0.3.0)

1) Adds MusicMatch v10 awareness


v4.1  2-2-05

   1) v4.1 released (combines Editor pages 2 and 3 into one Editor page)

           6-1-05 (v4.1.1.0)

   1) Adds Flac tag support

           7-22-05 (v4.1.3.0)

   1) Adds Musepack tag support

           8-30-05 (v4.1.4.0)

   1) Adds Encoder and VBR columns to ID3v1 Editor

           9-8-05 (v4.1.5.0)

   1) Adds Bitrate and Playtime columns to ID3v1 Editor


v4.2  10-20-05

   1) v4.2 released (name changed from “MP3 Tag Clinic” to “Tag Clinic”)

   2) Adds new toolbars and AAC support

            11-2-05 (v4.2.0.2)

   1) Adds ID3v1 default tag type option to Preferences

           1-5-06 (v4.2.0.11)

1) Adds VBR Options to Preferences

   2) Adds MP3Pro encoder detection

           1-15-06 (v4.2.1.0)

1) Adds M4A/MP4 tag support

   2) Adds speed adjust to Intellipan

           2-15-06 (v4.2.1.7)

1) Maximizes support for tags created by iTunes and Tag&Rename

           2-21-06 (v4.2.2.0)

1) Adds Tracks, Set, Sets, & ISRC editor columns

           3-11-06 (v4.2.2.4)

1)  Adds leading zero support for Track and  Set numbers

2)  Adds ‘Mcx-to-McX’ capitalization option to Tag Edit options tab

           3-27-06 (v4.2.2.8)

   1) Adds “Allow track/set > tracks/sets” to Preferences

   2) Adds “Tracks string when no track” option to Preferences

           4-3-06 (v4.2.3.0)

   1) Adds “Restore tags” to Main Menu ‘File’ group and toolbar

2) Adds previews for all file Drag & Drop and Restore operations

3) Adds “Do Summaries” to Drag & Drop options in Preferences

4) Adds “Replace CSV double quotes” to D & D options in Preferences

5) Adds Trks, Set, Sets, People, MM Bio, & ISRC to Print Settings,

               Save To, & paste down options

           6-12-06 (v4.2.3.4)

1) Adds Lyricist column

           6-16-06 (v4.2.3.6)

1) Adds BPM column

           7-6-06 (v4.2.3.11)

1) Adds “Store Artist after Orch/Band” option to Preferences

           7-11-06 (v4.2.3.12)

1) Adds “Force ASCII picture format” option to Preferences

           7-27-06 (v4.2.4.0)

   1) Adds “Rename Root Folder” to Preferences

2) Adds “Add subfolder” & “Go to current path” to Get File dialogs

           9-30-06 (v4.2.4.8)

1) Adds BMP field to list of rename template fields


v4.3  10-1-06

1) v4.3 released

2) Adds MusicBrainz support

3) Adds internal player

           10-17-06 (v4.3.0.1)

   1) Recompiled for MS Vista RC1 compliance

           12-07-06 (v4.3.0.5)

1) Recompiled for MS Vista Build 6000 compliance

           12-09-06 (v4.3.0.6)

1) Adds Vista theme colorization option

           1-02-07 (v4.3.0.8)

1) Adds Preferences option to include/exclude hidden folders

           1-01-07 (v4.3.0.11)

1) Adds “aB to a B” to Single-Tag popup Tools menu

           1-17-07 (v4.3.0.15)

   1) Adds “Extract Track” to “More” popup menu submenu

2) Adds persistence to “User Text” popup paste entry

3) Adds “Track^Title” to template build selections

4) Adds “Title^Album” to template build selections

           1-29-07 (v4.3.0.17)

   1) Adds “comma+space” to list of Separators

2) Adds “underbar” to Default Capitalization Options

           2-19-07 (v4.3.0.18)

   1) Adds auto-rename while restoring from XLS backups

2) Adds total file size to playtime function

           3-21-07 (v4.3.0.20)

   1) Adds column context menu to header cells

2) Adds optional “Send To” link to system context menu

3) Adds ‘Stereo/Mono’ and ‘Encoder’ fields to exports

        4-21-07 (v4.3.1.0)

1) Adds support for MusicBrainz’ new XML interface

2) MusicBrainz support added for aac,flac,m4a,mp4,mpc,ogg, & wma

        4-30-07 (v4.3.1.1)

1) Implements faster row-search algorithm

2) Encodes predefined text fields as UTF-8 for m4a, mp4 tags

        6-16-07 (v4.3.1.4)

1) Adds thumbnail view to picture add dialog

2) Adds tilde to Separators

        7-19-07 (v4.3.1.6)

1) Adds MusicBrainz tag lookup support for APE files

        8-01-07 (v4.3.2.0)

1) Adds Publisher, Copyright, and Key columns

2) Adds space-tilde-space to Separators

        8-07-07 (v4.3.2.2)

1) Adds support for FLAC pictures and many other fields

        8-12-07 (v4.3.2.3)

1) Adds support for 48 additional APE fields

        8-23-07 (v4.3.2.5)

1) Adds track auto-numbering

        9-18-07 (v4.3.3.0)

1) Adds optional Thumbnail Image Panel overlay to File Window

2) Adds ‘Auto-skip’ to image viewers

3) Adds thumbnail image to Picture Frame Editor

        10-18-07 (v4.3.3.1)

1) Adds Popularimeter column and Popularimeter Editor

2) Adds Popularimeter rating to MusicMatch rating conversion option

3) Adds MusicMatch rating to Popularimeter rating conversion option

4) Adds file extension capitalization option for multi-file renames

5) Adds font optimizations for flat panel displays

        10-25-07 (v4.3.3.2)

1) Adds mute button to internal player

        11-04-07 (v4.3.3.3)

1) Adds “Remove private frames while loading” to Preferences

2) Adds “Include v1 genre index in v2 genre” to Preferences

3) Adds Band^Title” to template build selections

        11-12-07 (v4.3.3.4)

1) Adds “Selecting a second row unselects the first row” to Preferences

2) Improvements to “SendTo” menu

        12-03-07 (v4.3.3.5)

1) Adds Browser background color option to Preferences

2) Adds optional support for Window’s high contrast visibility mode

        12-07-07 (v4.3.4.0)

1) Adds volume column

2) Adds volume normalization options

        12-20-07 (v4.3.4.1)

1) Adds CBR spec validation option to Preferences

2) Adds file size to Print Settings/Save As options

        12-24-07 (v4.3.4.2)

1) Adds Sort by Creation Date option

        01-27-08 (v4.3.4.5)

1) Adds optional header text for Orch/Band column

2) Adds optional fill from Artist column for Artist Album column

        02-01-08 (v4.3.4.6)

1) Adds second copy save option for ID3v2 genre list

        02-09-08 (v4.3.5.0)

1) Adds “Part of Compilation” (POC) column

        02-28-08 (v4.3.5.2)

1) Adds multiple configuration save/restore for column settings

        05-09-08 (v4.3.5.3)

1) Adds Rating, Email, and Play Count fields to M4A/MP4

2) Changes Popularimeter rating dsiplay to 1-to-5 star ratings

        05-18-08 (v4.3.6.0)

1) Adds column rearrangement via column drag-and-drop

        06-27-08 (v4.3.7.0)

1) Major upgrade to m4a/mp4 tag engine

        08-29-08 (v4.3.7.4)

1) Adds auto-edit to Comment, User Text, Bio, and Lyrics fields

2) Adds auto-cap to Editor file extensions

        09-9-08 (v4.3.7.5)

1) Adds mandatory query speed limit to MusicBrainz lookups

        12-14-08 (v4.3.8.0)

1) Adds album cover shot download option to MusicBrainz lookups

2) Adds lyrics download option

        12-16-08 (v4.3.8.1)

1) Adds query delay option to MusicBrainz

        1-05-09 (v4.3.8.3)

1) Extends auto-edit to hidden cell text

        1-13-09 (v4.3.8.4)

1) Changes two-digit track option to a two- or three- digit option

2) Adds comment description edit option to Preferences and Comment Editor

        1-29-09 (v4.3.8.6)

1) Makes row number column width adjustable

        6-26-09 (v4.3.8.7)

1) Adds support for Excel backups with extension “.xlsx”

        7-23-09 (v4.3.8.8)

1) Adds lower case ID3v2 genre option to Preferences

        7-23-09 (v4.3.9.0)

1) Adds optional comment to m3u playlists

2) Adds option to add playtime to rename template

        2-10-10 (v4.3.9.2)

1) Discontinues use of defunct LyricWiki API for online lyrics lookup

2) Replaces ‘The ‘ add tool with ‘The ‘with add/remove tool

        11-02-10 (v4.3.9.4)

1) Lyrics download source change

        11-02-12 (v4.3.9.8)

1) Part of Compilation (POC) added to rename & extraction fields

        11-24-12 (v4.3.9.9)

1) Adds editable starting number for track auto-numbering

2) Upgrades support for FLAC “Album Artist” tag field

        1-18-13 (v4.3.9.10)

1) Adds support for hard drives > 2TB

        2-25-16 (v4.3.9.11)

1) Adds support for double quote character ( ” ) in file names

        3-20-17 (v4.3.10.0)

1) Improvements to picture viewers & image tools

2) Adds option to disable splash screen

        1-14-18 (v4.3.10.1)

1) Adds previous folder button to several file browsers

        1-25-22 (v4.3.10.4)

1) Improvements to picture viewers & image tools

2) Improvements to minimize and exit behavior